Case studies

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On this page David recounts some of his experiences over 30 years of pest control including some of the more strange and funny adventures of a pest controller.

A trap for a cat

A few years ago I had a call that a cat had escaped from the owner’s house and that it was a rare breed ,and worth a lot of money.

It was the type of cat that had to be kept in the house .and I was given the task of catching and returning it. I set cat traps in all the neighbour’s gardens and asked them to call me. I set about 20 traps and I must have caught every cat in the area exept the one I wanted.

The phone would ring all the time there is a cat in the trap this went on for three days then bingo I caught the one I wanted. I returned the cat to the owners .who were very pleased.

Mole problems

I was given a job by Chester College to clear moles of one of there playing fields.

The mole catchers that they had employed prevously had been there for several years and had failed to keep on top of the problem. As there had always been a persistant problem they gave me a three year contract .

I cleared every mole within three weeks.

Catch a squirrel get the job

I was asked to go and see the head teacher at a school in Tarporley, Cheshire reguarding serious squirrel damage to electric wiring and structure of the school.

When I parked my van I noticed a squirrel in one of the bins which I quickly caught. Then I went to see the headmaster about the problem and when the head teacher asked me how I was going to tackle the problem I showed him the squirrel I had caught.

He then said well done can you do the job please.

Mouse house

I had a call of a lady who told me her next door neighbour had a serious mouse problem and that because it was effecting her.

She would pay me to go to her neighbour and sort the problem out and that the neighbour was willing to give me access. When I enterd the house I noticed that they kept a lot of different types of birds in cages and they had not been cleaned out for a long time. There were mice running around everywhere they were even breeding in the sofa and the bed mattress. Some of the mice were in that poor of condition they had no fur and were covered in scabs.

When I finished the job ,the neighbours were so pleased that they opened a bottle of champagne and were drinking it in the garden. They invited me to join them.