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Do you need emergency pest control services? Oldfield Pest Control can eliminate unwanted pests quickly and effectively.

If you’ve come across a pest in your home or business, you’ll want to get rid of them as soon as possible. We can act quickly on existing infestations as well as provide advice and products to prevent future problems.


We offer a wide range of services to properties, such as wasp nest removals, also treatment of flies, fleas, bugs, rats, mice, birds, moles and squirrels just to name a few.

Our vehicles are all unmarked for discretion reasons. we will call out and address the problem the same day.

We can also provide humane trapping of pests where we relocate them to other areas.

Our service area covers Chester, Cheshire, The Wirral and North Wales across to Anglesea.

Commercial & Agricultural

For commercial & agricultural business we offer a one off call out treatment. or a contract which means we will set out bait stations and call out at regular intervals to be agreed, on how many visits a year, and we will monitor and treat rodents and insects ,and give a written report so as to prove you are showing due diligence.


Oldfield Pest Control train pest controllers in basic pest control techniques up to advanced pest control. Call David on 01244 292478 for further information.